Europe to Start Its Own Franchise Euro T20 Slam Cricket League

Cricket nowadays is swarmed with T20 groups. With the ubiquity around T20 cricket expanding continuously, it is nevertheless normal to present an ever increasing number of classes the world over. The most recent expansion to the rundown of T20 groups is the European League, including two groups each from Scotland, Ireland, and the Netherlands.

The name ‘Euro T20 Slam’ was chosen following the meetup between the three sheets and occasion chiefs including GS Holding and Woods Entertainment. The name was picked with a general accord to make it an unmistakable and lively brand while likewise lining up with worldwide T20 classes.


The groups will be permitted to draft in a limit of 7 abroad and at least 9 local players. At least 6 household players is an unquestionable requirement in the playing XI.

The following is the group arrangement and the urban areas each group will be situated in:

Scotland – Glasgow and Edinburgh

Ireland – Belfast and Dublin

Netherlands – Amsterdam and Rotterdam

Amsterdam and Rotterdam will be the two groups from the Netherlands in the debut release.


One setting from the three taking an interest nations will have the alliance. The scenes incorporate Dublin, Edinburgh, and Amsterdam. A sum of 33 matches, including semi-finals and the last, will be played for the current year. The competition will be played on the round-robin group, implying that each group will meet each other group before the semi-finals.

As it appears, the association has been imagined to advance cricket in the Netherlands, Ireland, and Scotland, where cricket isn’t the primary decision sport. Furthermore, a predetermined number of players are called up from these nations for alliances over the globe which is the motivation behind why Euro T20 Slam was important.